we create

design that works.

We are an international, multilingual team. We draw on our diverse experiences to create design solutions that work.

Our background

Our name

For over 10 years we operated under the name CBa Switzerland as a member of the French international group, CBa Design Solutions (Paris). In 2010 we decided to become an independent agency in order to focus resolutely on the areas of strategy, design and production that we are good at. After many years’ packaging experience, working with retail brands as well as international brands, we know how brands work and how they can be improved to ultimately increase sales and market share.

Our design

Creative vision and bright ideas are our passion. They are the core of our business. We take pride in designing and developing our smartest ideas into memorable customer experiences which are real, tangible and long-lasting. It is what we strive to deliver on every project.

A paragon is a model of excellence, a perfection of a kind, one having no equal. It is the inspiration for our ideas, encapsulates the scope of our work, and describes how we achieve compelling innovation and creative solutions . . . for design that works.

We create designworks for

Aproz, Bischoffszell, Bel Suisse, Campari, Chocolat Frey, Delica, Dux Dental, Elsa, Favarger, Haco, JTI Japan Tobacco, Kambly, Mibelle, Mifa, Micarna, Migros, Mustad, Nestlé, Optigal, Philip Morris, Roland, SCA.